The Word Was the City, and the City Was God

Meeting Shola, or, Why We Can't Have Nice Things

The party (Ruster, Gwynn, Oskar, Wick, Thwip) continue their assault on the Eyescraper-taken Ancestral Squat. They're advised by Ripskin that there is a magic rapier, the Compass's Rose, in a chamber south of their position. Oskar and Ruster arrive there to discover that the chamber floor is covered with several feet of dung. Oskar trudges through the dung and, at length, finds not only the sword, but a shield with a pouch nailed to it containing 10 platinum pieces. Unfortunately, he finds that the dung was also home to a number of flesh eating grubs and, after giving Gwynn a knife, asks her to cut them out of his flesh. Ruster, wishing to leave but holding the lamp, sets it between Oskar's legs so that Gwynn can see to work, and Gwynn notices that the grubs seem to be burrowing away from the heat. Oskar grabs the lantern and presses it to his groin, and Gwynn cuts the remaining grubs from his feet. By this point Oskar is driven to unconsciousness and, as the party hears the sounds of new threats coming near, the party hears the scraping of stone back from the south passage, and sees an unidentified shape beckoning them to follow her into a hole in the wall. The shape turns out to be a ratfolk woman named Shola, and she revives Oskar and guides the party back to her glade to rest and do business. While the party rests, though, a crimson officer (Vanzant the Bloodless) arrives to do business, and the party attempt to ambush him. What follows is a long battle between the party and Vanzant's crew of spearmen that stops for several periods of negotiation and hostage leveraging, ending in Vanzant summoning a demon which Oskar drops onto and dispatches with Compass's Rose. This battle ultimately results in the death of Ruster, the near-death of Wick, and both Shola and Curil the slave-sorceror being knocked into comas.

Afterwards, the party reaches a settlement with Vanzant: he and his men can fleece Shola's possessions and leave, so long as they leave behind her rejuvenating fairy flesh for the party. Vanzant agrees and, as he leaves for the sewers, warns the party that the glade will be burned down.

After a brief recovery period, the party (save for Wick) returns to the tunnels, dragging the unconscious Shola and Curil. After meeting Barley, a Rover who was resurrected late by the ritual performed by the deceased Cracktooth Chieftain, the party continues their assault on the Eyescrapers, but this time the ratfolk are simply too prepared- they manage a fairly dangerous surprise volley, set up several obstacles, equip their best (sometimes magical) weapons, and ultimately kill Ripskin before a strange creature resembling a swarm of shadow-rats flooded the chambers, consuming Gwynn and Thwip while Oskar and Barley escape.

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