A savage warrior who bears a tapestry of scars and a chip on his shoulder.


His skin is pale, his fur dirty white. His eyes are bright red orbs, and his body is a network of scars, administered in equal measure through the cruelties of Crimson captivity and countless battle wounds. His right arm is missing a hand; it’s been replaced with a rough hook of ratfolk make.


Ripskin is a warrior of the Cracktooth clan, and one of the more influential members.

He is chiefly responsible for leading the failed attack on the Eyescrapers in the Cracktooth clan’s former Ancestral Squat. He is largely defined by his bravado and eagerness to rush into conflict via the most direct, explosive means possible. He has proven to be skilled but reckless in combat, relying on short-ranged explosives and full charges into large groups.