A ratfolk witch who plies her trades for the Crimson.


Shola is a ratfolk, sporting dingy, messy brown fur rife with cowlicks. She has one larger iris and long, thin fingers and nails, and a particularly severe stooping habit.

She wears ratty, faded robes and threadbare scarves in colors and patterns that were once far too vibrant and elaborate for ratfolk. Her hood has been modified to allow for her large ears.

When she moves, she glides; when she settles, she shakes. Her expression is constantly that of someone deeply wounded.

Her accent is similiar to that of a Rover, and she has a verbal tick of ending sentences with some combination of the phrases ‘thank you,’ ‘please,’ and ‘very much.’


Shola is a tribeless Ratfolk who appeared in session 3 of the Resurrection campaign to help Ruster, Oskar, Gwynn, Wick, Thwip, and Ripskin escape the Ancestral Squat claimed by the Eyescrapers. She helped resuscitate the downed Oskar and led them to safety in a protected glade, which she had been using as the base of her operations, complete with alchemy lab, alchemical resting garden, bedroom, and storefront. She allowed the party to stay and rest, after which she would allow them to make purchases. During the rest, however, Vanzant the Bloodless (along with a squad of spearmen and a captured Sorceror) arrived to do business with her and, as he was about to leave, the party attacked him, causing a prolonged battle that ended with Shola being taken hostage and paralyzed, Ruster being brutally murdered, and the near death of Wick.

After a deal was made to secure the safety of the party, her entire storefront (save some fairie flesh-grinders) was collected by Vanzant’s men. A now-lucid Ripskin pointed out that she was ‘a witch,’ unwelcome for doing business with the Crimson and the Eyescrapers. Exploration of the grounds revealed a pouch containing a mousefolk cloth doll, a gold piece, and a note attributed to Greymuzzle.

Shortly after, her comatose body was carried through the Ancestral Squat during the party’s attempt to retake it, before being left on the floor during a battle that ended in the party fleeing, leaving her there.